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Cognitive Decline

Sooner or later all people experience cognitive decline. Usually it happens with age. Not only human body ages but also the brain does at about the age of 30 years. In addition, people feel lack of energy, focus, and motivation. More serious conditions are called cognitive disorders which often influence person's quality of life. There are different types of cognitive disorders including developmental disorders, dementia, motor skill disorders, substance-induced cognitive impairment and amnesia. There is also Alzheimer's disease which is the most common disorder that affects a lot of elderly people.

Mental disorders can be caused by different factors, for example, hormonal imbalances, genetic predisposition and environmental factors. As a rule, cognitive disorders are caused by a lack of interaction during important stages of cognitive development and lack of proper nutrients. Other causes include physical injury and substance abuse. Cognitive dysfunction can occur when a brain area is damaged by alcohol, the excessive use of drugs, or physical trauma. So, snoring with blood pressure optimizer can also be the cause: blood pressure optimizer.

Signs of cognitive disorders may vary depending on its particular type, but there are some common signs of most disorders including poor motor coordination, confusion, and loss of memory, impaired judgment and identity confusion. Some cognitive disorders increase in severity in the course of time. Alzheimer's disease starts with minor forgetfulness. Patients may forget the names of their friends or have trouble remembering simple things. The first symptoms of Alzheimer's disease are often considered to be normal memory errors but if the disease progresses; it must be more serious disease.

There are many ways of treating mental disorders. One of them is a supplement called Add. It is a natural product designed to reduce stress, promote mental alertness, increase productivity and focus, and greatly reduce mental and physical fatigue. Let's discuss the supplement's ingredients in the next paragraph.

Add includes half a dozen ingredients which can be found in a number of high-quality supplements of the kind. You should know that these components of Add are FDA approved and many of them have been thoroughly studied on animals and human beings. So, let's have a look at the main ones of them.

The first active ingredient of Add is Alpha-GPC which is known to promote proper functioning of neurotransmission. It is a soy byproduct or the product of other plants that increases acetylcholine in the human brain. This substance plays a significant role in functioning of memory. More studies are needed to determine the role of Alpha-GPC in improving thinking, memory, and learning. One Italian study demonstrated that it helped patients with cognitive problems connected with Alzheimers or stroke.

L-Tyrosine is another component which is highly beneficial for your brain as it creates neurotransmitters for better mental awareness. In fact, it is an amino acid contained in protein that helps the human brain to stay active and alert. An earlier research of L-Tyrosine has proven that it helps to improve mental performance in stressful situations. And as all of us live a stressful active life, this ingredient is of great importance for every modern person. Besides, it should be noted that L-Tyrosine is relatively safe.

Bacopa Monnieri is known to improve brain functioning and cerebral blood flow. This substance has been used in Eastern medicine for many years for boosting memory function. According to an important scientific review, this ingredient is really worth your attention due to its effectiveness.

Vinpocetine improves the utilization of glucose by the human brain by increasing ATP production. This compound needs more studies for finding new application of Vinpocetine. Another Add's ingredient, GABA, is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that protects a person from over-excitement and maintains focus. This substance is produced by our brain. There was a small study involving thirteen people which demonstrated that GABA is able to decrease anxiety in stressful situations. There is enough evidence to claim that it helps a person to relax and calm down.

Huperzine is able to inhibit the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine, acetylcholinesterase. It is an alkaloid received from a Chinese moss and can effectively prevent Alzheimer's and protect human brain. This has been proven in a number of studies conducted by the Mayo Clinic. There is evidence that most of Add ingredients help to improve memory and cognitive functioning.

Add is a natural and effective brain-enhancing supplement. It proves to be one of the most efficient products of this kind available on the market today. It should be noted that this supplement causes minimal side effects but it has many additional benefits for human health. For example, Add doesn't only enhance brain functioning but it also improves blood flow in the whole body, makes a person more active and improves well-being of a person in general.

As it was already mentioned, phosphatidylserine is the main active ingredient of Add. The FDA has approved the internal usage of phosphatidylserine products. They are considered to be safe for humans when taken orally. According to numerous clinical studies, Add ingredients are nontoxic and natural compounds that will improve your mental performance, concentration and memory, and assist to protect your brain from damage because of the natural aging process.

Even if you don't have any cognitive disorders at present or you haven't noticed forgetfulness, be sure that you are in the risk group. Why? Because each of us ages sooner or later and we need to provide our brain with necessary nutrients. The good news consists in the fact that Add can be used by healthy people. In this way you get an opportunity to prevent any mental issues in future.

Add is a natural brain-enhancing product that works where it is needed. It doesn't harm your health and way of life. If you have memory loss issues, loss of concentration, if you suffer from distraction and low energy levels, if you are no longer motivated, use Add to stop aging and improve your mental performance. This product offers three main benefits to your brain: cognitive precision, mental clarity and sharp focus.

You can find the directions of using Add on the label. Generally speaking, it is recommended to take 1 capsule a day. You are expected to notice the effects after the first dose already. Most users feel the effects after about 30 - 45 minutes.

Add is a wonderful mental-boosting supplement that has a lot of advantages. First of all, it is a completely natural formula consisting of safe and effective ingredients. The supplement can be bought online from the official website. Each Add capsule is guaranteed to have the exact formula and the right dosage of each ingredient. The product is manufactured in a certified laboratory environment. The supplement doesn't have side effects.

Some of Add disadvantages include its unavailability in stores. Taking all this information into consideration, I can recommend the supplement to usage. I consider it to be a high-quality product. Improve your mental performance, energy, and focus with Add!

If you have decided to solve your mental issues, buy Add from its official website only. Even though it is quite expensive, the supplement is worth this money. Buying Add in bulk you are expected to save money. Thus, if you order two bottles you will get the third one for free. The supplement is not available in Amazon, GNC, CVS, Walmart, Walgreens and other stores.

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