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Magic Pill For Your Brain

AN is a nootropic that has been recently produced with the claims to be able to improve your focus and enhance mental energy with the help of using completely natural formula. Here you can have the possibility to read the review of AN to know what you should expect if you choose it.

Does AN really work as a magic pill for your brain or it is just about empty promises of the manufacturer? To find out truth we should have a look at the list of ingredients.

Is it really so great that it is able to improve your brain abilities? Let's make our own research to make sure that it is safe and worth paying money. This supplement promises a lot of things. Among them are increased performance and energy, improved memory and cognition, and the ability to learn things better and easier. Our main aim is to check if it is really completely natural and 100% effective because paying for something people want to get definite results and not just placebo with a good marketing campaign. Well, let's start with the ingredients list. It doesn't look very revolutionary in comparison with all supplements that are offered at the market nowadays.

The AN ingredients include all the usual suspects, including caffeine , GABA , Bacopa Monnier, Alpha GPC, L-Theanine , Phosphatidylserine, L-Tyrosine, Vinpocetine, and Huperzine A, Vitamin B3 ( Niacin ) and Vitamin B6. A lot of supplements have very similar list of ingredients which says that this product is not an innovative supplement that can be a breakthrough in this sphere. The fact that each capsule contains high levels of caffeine is not good at all because in spite of the caffeine's ability to boost energy it can harm your health. Are any of AN's ingredients efficient? Perhaps, yes but there can't be 100% guarantee because the supplement hasn't been proved by any clinical research. There are still some things to consider.

Niacin is mentioned as possibly effective because it claims to be able to reduce the chances of being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. However, WebMD says that, "there is no evidence that taking a stand-alone niacin supplement helps to prevent Alzheimer's disease." It is well-known that Caffeine is able to enhance mental alertness, but unfortunately it has the temporary effect which doesn't mean the possibility to improve your memory or brain performance. The active ingredient Bacopin or Bacopa Monnieri is possibly effective for improving memory in healthy people. But you should take not more than it is recommended. The dosing must be not more than 300mg a day during 12 weeks.

When this ingredient is a part of a blend, it is difficult to say whether AN includes enough to have any advantages. Phosphatidylserine is an ingredient that might enhance thinking in patients who experience mental decline because of age, and for improving the Alzheimer's disease symptoms. There is no enough evidence that can prove that Phosphatidylserine is able to have any advantages for healthy people. There are such side effects as insomnia and stomach upset. L-Tyrosine may be helpful in improvement of alertness which follows problems with sleep, and vinpocetine might be useful for patients suffering from the Alzheimer's disease, however the evidence hasn't been proved. You should be alert with such side effects as fatigue, headache, joint pain. Finally, huperzine A might be helpful in treatment dementia and enhancing memory. However, it can cause some side effects as nausea, vomiting, nausea, high blood pressure, slurred speech and loss of appetite.

Besides all mentioned ingredients, there is not enough clinical evidence that the following ingredients: GABA, l-theanine, vitamin B6 and alpha-gpc can have any of the claimed advantages that were described by the producer of AN. You should remember that all ingredients of the supplement are a part of a proprietary formulation. That is why even ingredients which have been mentioned as being "possibly effective," it is unknown what is the quantity we don't know how much is contained in the supplement, or whether or not this is enough to provide any advantages. Are you ready to experience any side effects from AN's ingredients? The benefits are not worth trying it as you can see from the research.

As it was clear from the ingredients' list some of them can have slight benefit but you can't avoid the side effects that come along with these advantages which are not so spectacular. Those who have taken this supplement can prove that AN doesn't do any miracles and it isn't worth trying it only because of good marketing campaign because it doesn't work as the manufacturer claims.

Here the reviews of users of this supplement who were not satisfied with the results:

"I have taken AN as it was written on its label and was waiting for result patiently but I didn't feel even a slight difference in my health, there was no improvement of my concentration and brain functioning. I can't recommend it!"

"AN is the supplement which I put into my black list because I spent time and money and got only headache, diarrhea and allergic reaction to one of its ingredients. All of them were very unpleasant and I am not sure it is enough safe to use it because of all possible side effects. That is why I stopped taking it."

"My experience taking AN finished without happy end because I had got bad side effects and no improvement of my mental abilities and memory. I decided to take vitamins for my memory and keeping to a healthy diet instead of buying such supplements. Maybe it will work for you but I can't recommend it."

AN can be purchased only online through the official website. The site offers the product in the following price ranges:1 Bottle: $58.95, 3 Bottles for $126.90, 5 Bottles for $159.95. The price is quiet expensive for the supplement that is likely to fail in contributing in your memory and cognitive functions.

In conclusion, it must be said that AN hasn't been approved by the FDA. What does it mean? It means you should be very attentive while considering this supplement as a daily medicine. It is better to consult your doctor to make sure that this product won't worse your health. You should avoid buying products with so many side effects as AN because it has more disadvantages than benefits. AN can't be recommended as a trustworthy supplement from a responsible producer. It is up to you to decide whether it is necessary to buy it or not but there is no guarantee that it will be effective for you.

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